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WPS Events
Emma Hayes, Megan Rapinoe and Tonya Antonucci at the 2009 WPS Draft Coaches Albertin Montoya, Abner Rogers, Jim Gabarra, Emma Hayes, Tony DiCicco, Ian Sawyers and Jorge Barcellos at the 2009 WPS Draft Group photo at the 2008 NSCAA Convention
2009 WPS Draft # 2009 WPS Draft # 2008 Convention
Coaches Tony DiCicco, Gareth O'Sullivan, Paul Riley, Emma Hayes, Albertin Montoya, Charlie Naimo, Jim Gabarra and Pauliina Miettenen at the 2010 WPS Draft Emma Hayes, Lindsay Tarpley, Kate Markgraf, Carli Lloyd and Steve Nash at the 2008 US Women's National Team Allocation Emma Hayes, Ella Masar, Whitney Engen, Jillian Loyden, Sophie Reiser and Denise Reddy at the 2010 WPS Draft
2010 WPS Draft # 2008 USWNT Allocation # 2010 WPS Draft #

Off The Field
Beach Soccer with Chicago Red Stars staff and Leslie Osborne in 2008 Tom Dunmore, Denise Reddy, Mrs. Carney, Karen Carney, Ella Masar, Emma Hayes, Alyse LaHue and Ben Burton at the Globe Pub in 2009 Alyse LaHue, Emma Hayes, Kait Sawyer and a guest in 2009
Beach Soccer 2008 ^ The Globe Pub 2009 ^ Red Stars Staff 2009
Chicago Red Stars staff at the Trader Vics Charity Event in 2009 Tom Dunmore, Kate Markgraf, Nicole Hack, Kari Kouba, Denise Reddy, Emma Hayes and Ben Burton at the Chicago Red Stars Charity Event in 2008 2008 Chicago Red Stars staff at dinner
Trader Vics in 2009 ^ Section 8 Chicago in 2008 Red Stars Staff in 2008

On The Field
Red Stars coaching staff Emma Hayes, Denise Reddy and Nate Kip during the national anthem in 2009 Emma Hayes has words with the referee in 2010 Emma Hayes congratulates Frida Ostberg after a well played match in 2009
Red Stars Bench 2009 # “Referee!” 2010 # Post Game 2009 #
Emma Hayes evaluates the Washington Freedom players during a match in 2010 Emma Hayes speaks with some Arsenal Ladies players during halftime in 2006 Emma Hayes speaks with Lene Mijkeland as she comes off the field for halftime
Washington Freedom 2010 * Arsenal Ladies 2006 Washington Freedom 2010 *
Emma Hayes celebrates a goal as the Head Coach at Iona College in 2003. Red Stars head coach Emma Hayes (right) talks with a group of youth players. Emma Hayes speaks with Brittany Bock just before halftime.
Iona College 2003 Illinois Youth Expo 2010 Washington Freedom 2010 *

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