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Emma in China

The Women’s Game – Greater Parity

by admin on August 12, 2008

Unlike economies of this world where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, the Women’s game is developing at a rate where teams are getting closer to each other with every passing year. This is the fourth Olympics for Women’s soccer and the first time 12 teams have taken part. That is a celebration in it’s own right, and I hope that by the next Olympics we have 16 spots allocated the women’s game, just like in the men’s competition. As you may know I have been in Shengyang watching the Brazil, Germany, N Korea and Nigeria group and what a group this is. Dubbed the group of Death, I have witnessed first hand that the differences between the teams are getting less and less.

Though Brazil and Germany are the group favorites, I have been so impressed with the other teams in this group. Korea play some of the most attractive, entertaining, fast paced soccer I have ever seen in the Women’s game. And when they improve their defensive and Final third play they will be a force to reckon with. Promising is an understatement in terms of the individual technical attributes of this team. And when you watch some of their transition from the sidelines you appreciate it all the more.

Nigeria on the other hand have approached both games so far with a fearlessness that leaves a lot to be desired. They are the most physical team in this tournament yet the they smile more than anyone. Against Germany the other night they made them look ordinary at times and with some better finishing the result would have been different. As a neutral, both teams have influenced the next developments of the women’s game, and that is, how we evolve tactically and technically to gain an edge when there is greater parity between the teams.

Teams are becoming fitter, more organized, have more strength in depth and have more experiences at the highest level and that will provide even more changes in the pecking order of the Women’s game. I believe so strongly, that not only is the WPS going to be an incredible product for the world to see but will be an absolute necessity for our players in the USA to continue competing against the world’s best on a regular basis. All in all it’s a win win for the Women’s game.

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I am attaching some photos too of the People of China. They can’t get any friendly and though we communicate with hand signals and nods I love their spirit.

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