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Opening Ceremonies

Olympics: Opening Ceremony – China leaves the world awestruck

by admin on August 8, 2008

The world saw China as it sees itself and as it wants to be seen by the world.

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was about China’s historic achievements and its dreams of future success. The show focused on moments that China sees as defining its journey through history, culminating in its current status on the brink of becoming a world superpower.

Zhang Yimou, the designer of the breathtaking show and an Oscar-nominated film director, selected themes that would be easily understood by an international audience. I don’t know how you felt but is took my breath away. Its message was intended to convey that the shock and awe of China’s Olympics – the most expensive in history at $43 billion (£22.5 billion) was worth it. I personally would love to watch it again.

That was after attending The Shengyang Imperial Palace, otherwise known in the west as the Forbidden City. The Shengyang palace was residence to the manchu Clan and the birh place of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and home to the list of Emperors. The layout covers about 70,000 SM and consists of about 100 buildings. It is a contstructive treasure, an ancient palace listed by the World cultural heritage site. Its rich collcetions and art relics gave me an opportunity to study the history from the final years of the Ming to the early periods of the Qing, and to learn Chinese arts. It was something quite special.

I had my cultural fill yesterday and today I am preparing for the next set of group games. I will check in later with an update of my thoughts but in the meantime I will leave you with some photos of my journey

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