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A new era, new ways and certainly some new fans…

by admin on August 15, 2008

I think for all of us watching that exhilarating game this morning between USA and Canada, we can all agree that this US team has come so far in such a short space of time. In what was billed the battle of the Americas, the US got off to a blistering start resulting in an early lead and early dominance. Then, mother nature intervened for an hour resulting in a game delay which knocked the momentum out of the US game and handed some parity back to the Canadians.

The game restarted and Canada did more than play their part in a game that left me sitting on the edge of my seat. After 90 minutes of a hard fought bout, the USA went into extra time the stronger team, and in my opinion, it was only a matter of time before they got the winner. Credit must go to Pia and her staff for having such a positive impact on this team and playing a part in helping to develop this team’s new personality.

I think there were so many good performances today, and I am really enjoying watching this team grow and develop under her leadership. Hope Solo was stellar in goal, and the back four worked tirelessly and limited Canada to shots from distance. The midfield worked their socks off defensively today and all had a role in both goals. As for the forwards, Hucles has played a great cameo next to the sparky Rodriguez. And let’s not forget the subs. Great roles to play in the latter stages of this game. And Kai got just reward for her hard work and enthusiasm when she entered the field. This team is about the whole squad, and that is really starting to pay off.

Next up are my pre-tournament dark horses, Japan. A tricky opponent for anyone in this competition and one of the most improved teams this year. They play some blistering footie and their one and two touch link up play is very good to watch and very difficult to play against. It will be another tough game.

I for one have become a fan of the US team and have very much enjoyed watching them get better with each game and wouldn’t bet against them finding another gear in the semi’s that will push them into Final…

Anyone got a US jersey for me as I will watch as fan of this new era?

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